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Prof. R. Lalitha S. Fernando
Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration
and Governance (NAPSIPAG)
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Head/ Department of Public Administration
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura,
Sri Lanka.

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Professor Sudhir K. Sopory
I am glad that Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, JNU, is hosting the Tenth International Conference of Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration and Governance (NAPSIPAG) on "Locked in Growth Patterns; Revisiting Land, Water and Disasters for the post-2015 Development Agenda", during December 7-9, 2013. It is heartening to know that the focus of the Conference is to bring about a synergy in the Continuing efforts of NAPSIPAG-JNU to create a platform for mutual learning amongst Decision makers from government, academia and civil society groups belonging to the Asia Pacific region for sharing as well as replicating the best practices and sucess stories. Indeed, time has come to find effective ways to deal with crucial issues of climate change, natural disasters, land use, population density, water management, knowledge generation, skill development, etc. which have a bearing on human development and their survival.
I am sure presence of dignitaries, network members from participating countries, academics and distinguished experts from civil society, who are aware of the dangers of unplanned growth will create a conducive atmosphere for exchange of ideas and to devise a long term concrete action plan that does not impede development but gives for a planned sustainable development in the region.
I am also happy to know that younger Ph.D. students are launching NAPSIPAG's Young Scholars' Forum to spread the aim and objectives of the network further.
On this occasion . I wish to convey my best wishes to the organizers for the sucess of the Conference.

David H. Rosenbloom
Distinguished Professor & Editor-in-Chief,
CRC/Taylor & Francis Public Administration and Public Policy Series
Department of Public Administration and Policy School of Public Affairs
Ward Circle Bldg. room 330 American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8070
'Building Better Bureaucrats Since 1978'
Congratulations to NAPSIPAG on its 10th anniversary. Public administration has undergone many changes in the past decade. One constant, though, is that it remains central to the operation of government, public welfare, and, as we are increasingly aware, the health of our planet. During its first decade, NAPSIPAG's network of experts and its collective expertise have greatly advanced public administrative theory and practice. At the dawn of its second decade, NAPSIPAG is poised to intensify its role in the Asia-Pacific Region and beyond. The 10th anniversary presents a well-deserved time to reflect on past achievements and to look forward to new ones. Along with many others, I offer my best wishes for continuing success and exemplary leadership in meeting the many future challenges public administration will address and in improving life in our globalized world.

Dr. Jak Jabes
NAPSIPAG Founder as the Academic Director of Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines.
Currently, Senior Fellow, School of International Development and Global Studies
University of Ottawa, Canada
When a few of us planted the seeds of a Network for institutions involved in public administration and governance education and research in Asia, there was scepticism about its viability and sustainability. There were compelling reasons for launching a Network: the Asian crisis of 1997, the need to improve knowledge of future leaders, policy weaknesses, etc. We wanted a network that would try to address the knowledge management and regional cooperation gap within the Asia-Pacific region. The founders believed that schools and institutes of public administration in developing countries play an important role as potentially powerful advisory resources to strengthen governance and public management. Ten years ago, that dream became reality. And today, ten years into the launching of NAPSIPAG we have a vibrant network. Many of the launching objectives have been met. Members gather yearly through the annual conference, an electronic journal has been launched and knowledge exchanges are taking place with other parts of the world. There is yet work to do to consolidate the network. But, on this tenth anniversary we should take the time to be proud, congratulate ourselves and celebrate the accomplishments while, thinking about the next decade of the Network. Happy Tenth Anniversary, NAPSIPAG.

R. Lalitha S Fernando, Ph.D.
Country Coordinator (SriLanka)
Department of Public Administration
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
At the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the NAPSIPAG, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the people who initiated this Network to build and enhance the capacities of Public Administration Institutions in the Asia and Pacific Region and influence their transformation as more effective agents of good governance. We, from SriLanka Public Administration groups are happy to say that the NAPSIPAG Team has worked with commitment to their level best for achieving that 'Mission of the Network'. At this occasion, I also wish to congratulate all members of the NAPSIPAG family for their dedication, hard work and the continued participation for every event of the NAPSIPAG from its inception. Without our members' valuable contribution, we may not be able to reach to this junction. As we move forward to the next 10 years, let's stimulate our strength and spirits by renewing our solidarity and cooperation to pursue the Mission of the NAPSIPAG towards ethics in governance. May all future efforts of NAPSIPAG be equally successful and rewarding!

Professor M Shamsur Rahman, PhD
Former Vice-chancellor
Jatiyo Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University

Adjunct Faculty
University of the Asia-Pacific
Email: [email protected]
NAPSIPAG helping us grow together

The memories of the day still shines bright when we joined together 10 years ago in INTAN, Malaysia to mark the dawn of a new platform of knowledge and practice to promote and strengthen public administration and governance in the Asia-Pacific. Ten years on, NAPSIPAG has been an effective and successful network to enable the public administration and governance scholars and practitioners to upscale academic insights, share new knowledge and showcase best practices. While successes of the NAPSIPAG are already many, thanks to the contribution of the Secretariat, Steering Committee, supporters and patrons despite many challenges which continue to be daunting as the region is the home to millions of the poverty stricken people. Improvement in governance and public policy would be key to overcome the developmental challenges in the region where NAPSIPAG has had a clear role to play. Asia-Pacific is not all about poverty and developmental challenges, it's about hope as well, since the economic gains have to be utilized to liberate countries from the clutches of dogmatism, narrow patriotism and deepening socio-economic divides. Sustainable development is the key to good governance. Now, in this challenging era of climate change when political boundaries are lowered and coexistence outshines as a fundamental governance principle, NAPSIPAG has to deliver even more to translate hopes into realities for the lives of the millions. NAPSIPAG connects; NAPSIPAG broadens and NAPSIPAG stimulates. I look forward to a wonderful journey towards a just and equitable world through NAPSIPAG.
Shree Krishna Shrestha
Central Department of Public Administration
Tribhuvan University
email [email protected]

"Proving a genuine platform providing an opportunity for having a confluence of academicians and practitioners from different corners of eastern world for promoting a culture of evidence- based sharing of ground realities has paved a stepping stone for building a good society wielded with immense mutual trust and respect. Living in different settings where the nature and content of governance vary from one setting to next depending on native realities and their socio-economic and political milieu, NAPSIPAG strives to nurture a better understanding among its members to uphold the notion of equality and equity. It remains a source for youths to be able to cope with the challenges in fast-changing times. I wish its presence becomes more prominent in global scenario in future."
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