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1.Call for Paper 8th NAPSIPAG Annual Conference, Kathmandu, 15-16 December 2011

NAPSIPAG Secretariat

Centre for the Study of Law and Governance,    Jawaharlal Nehru University New Mehrauli Road       New Delhi- 110067



December 12-14

Development Challenges in the Asia Pacific: Millennium Development Goals and Beyond
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December 15-16

Reinventing Governance for Managing Climate Change and Its Adaptation
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December 11-13

Concept Note for the 2010 NAPSIPAG International Conference. (Click here >)


December 11-13

2009 NAPSIPAG International Conference on "Human Capital and Good Governance Transition towards Knowledge Based Development and Well Being", held at Universiti Uttara Malaysia, kedah, Malaysia.
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December 5-7

2008 NAPSIPAG International Conference "Strengthening Governance in Asia-Pacific, Public Sector Administrative Reforms and Capacity Building to Improve Transparency and Accountability", held at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India.
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December 5-7

2007 NAPSIPAG Annual Conference "Public Administration and Governance At The Forefront Of Change: Dimensions, Dynamics, Dysfunctions and Solutions" held at National College of Public Administration and Governance, University of the Philippines


December 4-5

2006 NAPSIPAG Annual Conference "Innovation, Policy Transfer And Governance: Requirements for A Contribution to Social and Human Development" held at University of Sydney, Australia.
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December 5-7

2005 NAPSIPAG Annual Conference “The Role of Public Administration In Building A Harmonious Society” held at China National School of Administration, China


December 6-8

NAPSIPAG Launching Conference “The Role of Public Administration In Alleviating Poverty and Improving Governance” held at National Institute of Public Administration, Malaysia

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Journal of Administration & Governance
Reintegrating child soldiers in the Philippines: Agenda for education and governance
Generalizing Meta-Data Elements: Global Scenario and Indian Perspective
Outsourcing in e-Governance: A Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach
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