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NAPSIPAG Secretariat

Secretary General

Prof. R. Lalitha S. Fernando
Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration
and Governance (NAPSIPAG)
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Head/ Department of Public Administration
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura,
Sri Lanka.

Papers presented in Dehradun 20-22 JUNE 2013, at Ecoashram

  1. The Effects of National Budgetary Allocation on Food Security Policy Agenda- Ahmad Martadha Mohamed
  2. How much land does a man need?- Amita Singh
  3. Chronic Poverty, Failing Governance and the Theatre of the Oppressed-Anand Kumar, S Rana & A Das
  4. Enhancing the Role of Community for Achieving Targets of Universal Primary Education- D.P.S. Chandrakumara
  5. Ancestral Land and Mining Issues in Southern Philippines- Isaias S Sealza
  6. Identifying Growth Pattern of Land, Land Use and Property Tax: A Study of Colombo Municipal Council for Development in Sri Lanka- K.D Chithrapala
  7. Land Markets In Kerala, India: Reflections And Perceptions- K.C. Baiju
  8. Governance Issues in National Solid Waste Management Policy in Sri Lanka- R. Lalitha S. Fernando
  9. A Leadership Role in Resource Mobilization at Local level in Bangladesh: A Study of Upazila and Union Parishad-Prof. Dr. M. Shamsur Rahman
  10. Land as fundamental resource in creating Policies of well-being and progress- Maria Clarisa
  11. The Demise of a Society in a Post Colonial State: Land Reforms and Evacuee Property 1947-2013- Mohammad Akmal Wasim
  12. Inclusive policy implementation in Nepal: A case study of civil service- Dr. Narendra Raj Paudel
  13. Land Ownership of Women: Legal Issues and implementation hurdles (with special reference to succession rights and rights to matrimonial property)- Neena Joseph
  14. Land Governance: Need to Protect and Use Judicially Public Lands- Nivedita P. Haran
  15. A Relook at Training Strategies in Land Governance- Dr R Jayasree & Dr Anishia Jayadev
  16. Rural Development and the Grass root Leadership in India: Myths, Challenges and Reality- Rabindranath Bhattacharyya
  17. Assessing Governance Of The Health Care Delivery System In Malaysia- Raudah Danila and Ahmad Martadha Mohamed
  18. Leadership in the Health Sector: The importance of the Tamil Nadu model for a Universal Public Health Care System in India- Dr. RUMKI BASU
  19. Sacred Rivers: Energy Resources and People's Power- Susan Visvanathan
  20. Management Of Increasing Pressures On Land- Sanjeev Kumar Mahajan
  21. Natural Resource Management and Leadership- Dr. Vinay Sharma & Kapil Joshi
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