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NAPSIPAG Secretariat

Secretary General

Prof. R. Lalitha S. Fernando
Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration
and Governance (NAPSIPAG)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Head/ Department of Public Administration
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura,
Sri Lanka.

NAPSIPAG Membership

The Institutional Members of NAPSIPAG shall include:

  1. Schools and institutes which may be independent or under a larger educational institution and are located within the Asia-Pacific region that are offering courses leading to the following:
    • Post graduate degree in governance, public administration, public management or public policy or related disciplines;
    • Undergraduate degree in governance, public administration, public management or public policy or related disciplines;
    • Diploma or certificate in governance, public administration, public management or public policy or related disciplines.
  2. Non-degree granting training/capacity-building institutions in the field of public administration.

    Individual Members of NAPSIPAG shall include professional from public, private or international institutions/agencies involved in teaching, research and training in the general field of public administration and related disciplines from Asia-Pacific countries committed to the objectives of this organization as stated in Article II.

    Individuals who have made important contribution to the field of public administration and who are committed to promote the interest of the Network.

    Member institutions may invite and recommend other institutions to become members of the Network as observers.

Eligibility for membership:

The Steering Committee shall decide whether an applicant (Institutional/Individual) is eligible to become a member of the Network. For applicants to become members of the Network, the basic requirements are as follows:

Individual members:

  • Be employed in a public or private, autonomous or international organization on a regular (continuing) basis or a scholar retired from the above position.
  • Be an academic of high standard performance in research and publications in the Asia Pacific studies/a PhD in relevant area of administrative research/ a policy analyst with a research organization/ a senior administrator with the government having leanings towards publication and research.
  • Be a young researchers enrolled in PhD in various universities who have some record of publications and research contributions can become members without voting rights.

Membership Fee:

  • All countries developing/developed /transitional are required to pay US$ 750 (5 year membership) and US$ 1000 (10 year membership).
  • Individual membership of US$ 300 (10 year membership).
  • There is no provision for ‘Annual Membership’.

Cancellation or termination of membership may be done by a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly once a member is found to have acted contrary to the objectives of the Network.

Benefits of Members:

A Network member may avail of the following benefits:

  • Participate in general assemblies, business meetings, conferences, seminar-workshops and other activities.
  • Engage in research, training, consultancy and other projects which may be initiated by the Network.
  • Acquire and at the same time disseminate new knowledge, technology, approaches and practices which may be developed by other member institutions.
  • Contribute to NAPSIPAG publications.
  • Receive complimentary copies of the Network’s publications.
  • Discounted rates during conferences, seminar-workshops.

Rights of Institutional Members:

Each member institution shall have a single vote in the General Assembly. Each shall also have the right to be voted as a member of the Steering Committee. All members of the Network shall have the right to participate in all its activities as may be necessary and practicable.

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