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GBM Meeting & Minutes
NAPSIPAG GBM Minutes of the GBM held at Colombo 2012

NAPSIPAG Secretariat

Centre for the Study of Law and Governance,    Jawaharlal Nehru University New Mehrauli Road       New Delhi- 110067


Network member may avail of the following benefits:

* Participate in general assemblies, business meetings, conferences, seminar-    workshops and other activities
* Engage in research, training, consultancy and other projects which may be initiated by the Network
* Acquire and at the same time disseminate new knowledge, technology,  approaches and practices which may be developed by other member institutions
* Contribute to NAPSIPAG publications
* Receive complimentary copies of the Network’s publications
* Discounted rates during conferences, seminar-workshops

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Journal of Administration & Governance

Papers Presented in the Colombo Conference December 2012.

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